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Our blog is an informational site, not a gossip or a newsletter. The main goal of this site is to get more information online. Information that our readers will find useful even in a decade. If you want to be posted on, You can apply to write on the following topics: Music, Books, TV Series, Movies, Videogames, Fashion & Trends, Gossip, Sports, Entertainment, Anime & Manga, TV, Technology, Motors. Or, propose new ones yourself. You need to check if you meet the following requirements, please read them carefully.

How to be published on our blog

It’s actually very simple, you just have to meet these requirements. We want to maintain a quality site, following a rigorous format and curating the content in order to inform our audience

1. Length – At least 700 words or more

2. Originality – Your post must be unique, authentic, and not published elsewhere

3. Structure – Have an introduction, a body, and, if possible, a conclusion. Contents that can be tabulated, please do so in the form of a table

4. Visuals – Each post must have a clear and quality featured image. We use 1000 px by 500 px

5. Links and References – Use appropriate references if the source of the information is someone else

6. Title – Have a catchy and usable title that can easily grab a reader’s attention

7. Relevance – Your post must fit into our 10 categories; Wealth, business, education, travel, technology, life, entertainment, politics, sports, and hacks

8. Quality – Check your tone and grammar. Avoid mistakes at all costs

9. curation – Your post needs to be well-researched and fact-based. Hypotheses or opinions are not accepted

10. Validity – Make sure the article you submit remains meaningful for an extended period of time

11. SEO – Make sure your post is SEO optimized, the eg title must be less than 60 characters, suggest keywords, the image must be compressed in jpg format, etc.

What we will not accept

It takes effort and time to produce a quality item. So, avoid submitting an article that is described below.

to. Everything previously covered on this site

b. Anything too promotional

c. Anything that lacks the above requirements

d. Something that seems offensive or inaccurate

And. Writings that are difficult to read and difficult to understand

f. Anything that is badly sought

g. All that is plagiarized

h. Anything based on simple guesswork or guesswork

I. Anything politically motivated or aligned

What will happen after sending your email?

We will carefully read your request within one week and get back to you. If your submission is worthy, before we publish it, we will ask you to create an account on our site with every detail filled in, as we intend to give you credit for your article. You will be notified when your article is published. If something is missing or if we cannot publish your submission, we will notify you based on that.

Notes:: If you intend to become a long-term contributor to our site, please contact us via our contact Email ([email protected]).