why monitoring you application is important

Why Monitoring your Application is Important

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Many businesses embrace online customer reach-out procedures for quick, quality connections and solutions. Among these is the various customer interface software that indulges customers in the resources and services of a company. Importantly, this new technological adaptation’s successful mission pegs on performance reliability of performance. In other words, whether or not they are fast corresponding to the client’s needs and the company’s services is crucial.

If you are selling your products via application software, then at every moment, you must ensure it is running accordingly, with no errors, bugs causing slowness, or other possible inconveniences. A developer can obtain such assurance through an Application Performance Monitoring tool.

What is application monitoring?

Application monitoring is a necessary procedure that offers real-time insight into an application’s performance. It enables IT developers, to keep track of and quickly respond to any technical hitches, contextual data, etc. Usually, the aim is to make the end-user experience (UX) quite convenient.

application performance monitoring tools

Today, applications form the major source of clients’ information on a company. A poorly performing application will hinder clients from accessing the information, resources, and mostly the product offered by a company; does your business want this? Not at all! Hence, IT developers in various businesses must ensure proper performance for end-users convenience –  this is where Application performance monitoring (APM) tools come in.

APMs help IT developers have a clear insight into the performance of their applications. Some of the areas they check are infrastructure and dependency of the application. Through the APM tools, system administrators can discover and collect valuable information on memory demands, client CPU utilization, etc. Problem investigation also is another area where APMs offer the quickest help. The tools can quickly establish the cause of slowness or any witnessed errors.

APMs carry many progressive features, comprising distributed tracing, allowing developers to discover anomalies and quickly respond to them.

Why you should monitor your application

Minus proper monitoring, applications can run slow and undergo repeated downtimes and attacks. Such impacts and occurrences disrupt business goodwill and affect user experience. Therefore, it is quite an idea to ensure the applications are properly running at all times.

Already, there are quite a several benefits attached to quality monitoring of applications. The following form part of the key importance relating to application software monitoring.

  1. Instant Downtime alerts: cyberattacks, server failure, or a natural event are some of the key causes of Application downtimes. An active application monitoring tool can detect and resolve such failures before they harm the business.
  2. Enhanced security: APM tool adds to the overall security firewall for your business. Cyber attackers will always use any loophole within your online security system to breach your data or compromise your business organization. The tool helps detect any such threats allowing an opportunity for an early fix.
  3. Help advance UX: The performance measure of an application always counts when it comes to an end-user quality experience. APM tools also help monitor bandwidth, memory, CPU, and disk space utilization. These are the key features affecting the overall performance of an application. Earlier fixation of related issues gives users the best experience; hence, there is no reason for deviation to the next.

Best Application Monitoring Tools

Several organizations use application performance monitoring tools to manage and monitor the performance of different software applications. The tools help track the reasons behind eventualities like slow queries and code-level performance errors, which affect the application’s quality performance.Best Application Monitoring Tools

If you are looking for some of the best APM tools, the following list composes of top developers’ approved varieties.

  1. AppOptics APM – FREE TRIAL
  2. Datadog APM
  3. Site24x7
  4. AppDynamics
  5. Dynatrace

Each of the above comes with its specific features. You can settle for a better option depending on the nature of your business, finance, and anything in-between, including the application’s user-friendliness.


Regardless of the nature of the online business you are handling, monitoring your application is always important. We have discussed the key benefits of APM tools; why they hold such critical significance in business operations. Consider a reputable tool such as this article for uttermost performances.

Application software has lately become a key source of information about a company or a service. For this reason, therefore, developers must ensure they customize the user priorities. Let your customers share their best experiences with your application.

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