Why Iowa child support negligence can land you into trouble

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Iowa child support is a program giving parents special services, helping them meet their children’s financial and health care needs. Child support recovery Iowa as described in the Iowa Code section 598.1(9), is for those children whose parents are not living together as husband and wives – they could be divorced or living as single parents.

While such arrangements can be made locally, sometimes the law needs to come in for fairness and strictness. In typical occurrences, the ‘receiving parent’ (taking care of the children and expecting the cheque)  argues that the ‘paying parent’ is cheap and callous. On the alternative side, the paying parents often wonder aloud just where all their money goes.

So obviously, the entire scenario depicts lots of disagreements that would finally impact the child or children involved. In its working terms, the support always ensures there is mutual agreement and law to be followed for the full support of the child/ children at all times.   

Iowa child support law enforcement

The Iowa Department of Human Services has a special division within its services known as the  Child Support Recovery Unit (CRSU). The unit was established back in 1992 to enact the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992. By being both federal and state law, its functionality extends to different states, including Iowa.

Top among the functions of CRSU is to locate those parents who have disappeared and neglecting their duties towards their minors. The tracing process involved here is purely administrative and non-judicial. Usually, the tracing process entails;

  1. Carrying out paternity tests
  2. Finding the various sources of that parent’s income
  3. Establishing/ modifying child support obligations
  4. Tracking child support payments
  5. Registering out-of-state child support orders
  6. Enforcing child support obligations

Another co-function of the Iowa child support recovery unit is running the Reliacard program. All ‘receiving parents’ under the support recovery program receive the Reliacard. It is one particular card that carries the support funds from the parents to the child/ children. Usually, the limit amount is that in the support order granted.  Money deposited in this card, therefore, is usually available on the third business day after the anticipated date for the support payment.

Refusing to honor the child support Iowa law

Not obeying the child support recovery Iowa laws, therefore, is an offense against the Act, and persons found culprits can be subject for prosecution. Typical flaunts are when the paying parent refuses to oblige to their arrangement. Such cases call for the attention of the CRSU, who will take up the matter for justification and prosecution if necessary.

Due to backlogs of court cases, CRSU can sometimes delay in submitting the case. An alternative, however, is with a legal aid attorney or a private lawyer. These parties can approach the jury by specifying it as urgent and in the minor’s interest.

How to make support payments

Before making any payments, the first procedure is to register as a parent. First, use the Iowa Department of Human Services website to log in. Then, by clicking on the Iowa child support login or register button, you will access a simple signup form, the DHS Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit, to usher you in.

Once you’ve created your profile, proceed to the payments. Here you have various options, including;

  • Credit card or debit card
  • Payment via checking account or savings account
  • Csh pay via a PayCode at a local retailer using PayNearMe

Lately, and because of the novel coronavirus spread, most support offices are closed through virtually working. Whenever you have information to access, you can always use the Iowa child support login link on the website or reach the customer care services using the following links;

  1. local child support office
  2. phone, email, and in writing.
  3. Local office.