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What is the Best Place for a Rapid Covid Test Near Me?

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The primary necessity behind advocating for the Covid test is to ensure we control its spread. As various health experts illustrate, however, these tests come in two types, the rapid and PCR test. There is a clear difference between these two, as we shall discuss later in this text. We will also be looking at the various rapid covid test near me solutions you can find.

Difference between rapid and PCR covid test

Dr. Joseph Bustamante, Chief Medical Officer at Memorial Healthcare, in a statement, said, “The variety of testing platforms for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) available today can be rather confusing. There are some clear indications as to which test you should get and some not so clear reasons.”

1. Rapid test

Its other reference term is the Antigen test. The test involves the detection of a particular protein that matches the critical elements of the coronavirus. It is the quickest test with a turnaround time of not more than 30 minutes. Rapid covid 19 test near me can always be accessible at the hospitals, clinics and even in your vehicle.

The rapid covid test is mainly for those who are symptomatic. Even from the signs, the indications will be much clearer of the type of infection.

2. PCR test

From the term ‘gold standard SARS-CoV-2 detector,’ this test stands out to be the most accurate. Its process involves RNA detection of the causing virus. For its greater accuracy, the test can show few days of infection and when the patient is symptomatic or not.

Like the rapid test, this also can be done inside your car, hospital or nearest clinic. Its turnaround is always within 24-hours.

Typical results from rapid covid test near me

When you go for a rapid covid test near me session, the possibility of getting confusing results is always there. The most typical results you get are either false positive or false negative?

False-positive means your results indicate the presence of the infection despite you not having the disease. These results mostly confirm that you are indeed optimistic about the condition.

False-negative, on the other hand, is typical of asymptomatic persons. The rapid covid test near me will show you are negative, yet the virus is in your body in the real sense. Such cases mainly occur depending on the virus’s concentration in your body. 50% and below will most likely bring up such results.

For those who may have negative results yet show signs and symptoms, the next most recommendable solution is to go for PCR. When you are at high-risk exposure, such as near a patient for long hours, high chances of being infected always prevail.

covid 19 rapid test near me

PCR gives more accurate results basing on its intense procedures. This way, you will have the chance to confirm the actual status of your health. Among the institutions offering covid 19 rapid test near me, you can still get these services at no or most affordable rates.

Last Thoughts

Covid-19 has remained a global pandemic with no limits whatsoever on human lives. Young or old, this grievous infection cuts all across. While we now celebrate AstraZeneca and other available coronavirus vaccines, we must remember safety is paramount.

At all times, you must ensure to critically adhere to the defined preventative rules by the global health fraternity against Covid. Search for rapid test covid near me, and get tested to remain safe and assured of your status.