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Watermelon sugar by Harry Styles

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‘Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening,’ Wow! That must be very yummy. This is the first line in Harry Styles’ highly controversial song, Watermelon sugar. It is was released on November 16, 2019, as a promotional single. Recently, on May 15, 2020, Harry rereleased the song as the fourth single in his Fine Line album. What entices most of his fans are the watermelon sugar lyrics. He mentions sugar baby watermelon; watermelon sugar harry styles and others that may relate to oral sex.

In a recent interview, Harry gave a coy response when he was asked what his song meant. Sarcastically, he responded, “That’s what everyone’s saying. Always good to leave it open to interpretation”. This he said after raising a surprise mode when he heard of people interpret his song as a sex game put in-words. It is this reaction from him that sparkled lots of comments from his fans with people sharing what they make of the singer and the song itself.

So what is watermelon sugar?

Let’s begin with the urban dictionary. The entry therein, explains watermelon sugar as other names for heroin or cocaine. Also, another entry explains it as “male pre-cum while giving oral sex.” So what exactly was Harry referring to or trying to tell?

While others had already formed their interpretation to relate to oral sex, others remained to enjoy every beat of the song. They wondered how, indeed, the fruit could be sweet on a summer eve. Even as Harry denies it, and seems not to open about it, the lyrics have so many aspects relating to sex. In his interpretation, Harry says he had a dirty mind while writing the song, but he still does not understand how he linked it with watermelon sugar.

What fans think of harry styles new hit song

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Watermelon sugar lyrics harry styles has lots of interpretations and misinterpretation from the singer/ actor fanatic. What people say on harry’s new hit song is varied depending on how people know him.

Some things he sings about his ex-girlfriend’s favorite book, ‘In Watermelon Sugar,’ written by Richard Brautigan. However, that still does not explain it all. Different theories have come up and still are but majorly explaining their carnal meanings. Others also imagine it is about her ex-girlfriend,

Harry’s NPR Tiny Desk concert

While most of us still buried coronavirus madness, this week, we had a little rejoicing moment. The major entertainment was from Harry’s NPR Tiny Desk concert. This was his first-ever performance for this fantastic hit, sugar baby watermelon. During his gig session, he also let us know that he never liked watermelon sugar that much – he ‘hated’ it. 

His presentation on this concert featured all his Fine Line bangers. He sat with his acoustic and played his new hit song decently.

Harry song, however, continues to rock this week as varied opinions form on its lyrics. If you have not heard of it yet, it’s high time you do. Click here to find the video. In the video, he chills with a bunch of sexy hot ladies out in a beach – in the evening hours.