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VCU Student Health Always Contributes Positively to the Society

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The VCU student health service is a nationally certified health care service committed to delivering top-notch outpatient care to every VCU student. They provide a broad range of primary care services. The main aim of the University Student Health Services is to deliver outpatient medical care and public health care such as health education programs that empower VCU students to become participants in their health care. The VCU student health portal, therefore, provides access to secure messaging, immunization records, patient brochures, lab results, and upcoming and previous appointments.

What is the VCU Student Health Service?

The University Student Health service is a certified student health care provider that delivers primary care services to the students. The two clinics are, therefore, available in VCU Medical Center and Monroe Park campuses. Both campuses provide laboratory services while the Monroe Park campus clinic houses an on-site pharmacy.  The service provider offers a broad range of primary care services, which may therefore include:

  • Same-day appointments for the emergence of medical problems.
  • Care for chronic medical problems.
  • Care for routine medical illnesses.
  • Travel health care
  • Nutrition consults
  • Allergy shots
  • Mental health and body fluid exposures
  • Sexual health and wellness

VCU Student Health

There are no charges associated with the office visits once the health fee is paid every semester. You should keep in mind that this health fee doesn’t cover the prescriptions, laboratory services, referrals, emergency room visits, imaging tests, etc.

The VCU school of medicine usually partners with a community thus to improve the quality of life and the learning opportunities for the student, patient faculty and their staff and the whole public at large.

  • It partners with the public to provide
  • The practice of clinical medicine
  • RAM clinic
  • CARITAS clinic
  • International/rural preceptorship

The VCU Student and faculty working together to offer health screenings

The community-based VCU student-lead screening provides services from the school of medicine pharmacy and dentistry.

The center for human-animal interaction

The VCU school of medicine has its center for human-animal interaction. This center, therefore, brings together faculty members and administrators from different disciplines to deliver students with a wide range of educational opportunities. The human-animal interactions provide M4 elective PGY-4 elective volunteer opportunities and internships to the medical students. In contrast, students from the Monroe Park campus may work at the center as volunteers as our study employees.

The practice of clinical medicine: VCU Student Health

Thanks to the community physicians and the school alumni, the 1st & 2nd year medical students have the chance to interact freely with patients. This however might begin soon as early as their first weeks the school and putting newly attained knowledge to application in the hands-on environment.

The school’s clinical medicine program practice pairs every student with a receptor in the community for two afternoons every month. Of the more than 200 preceptors in this course, nearly half of house staff or M.D of the medical school.

This medical center, therefore, provides a thorough evaluation and consultation for the students on their medical care’s best options. This can include referral services to the community provider, case management, group therapy, sexual and intimate partner violence advocacy solutions, couples’ therapy, and resiliency workshops. Now that the covid-19 is also a global pandemic, they never miss helpful services in that too.