UGA Health Center: Quick Health Care Unit

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University Health Center is the ideal home for your health and wellness – just follow the Uga health center login procedures. It is a renowned outpatient facility that is aimed to meet the healthcare requirements of UGA students. Various services are available to the students’ spouses or partners and dependents, UGA Staff, and their spouses and dependents. The joint commission fully certifies the UGA Health Center pharmacy.

The services and Health center UGA clinics include medical care, counseling, and psychiatric services, dental clinic, health and wellness education, women’s clinic, and more. Uga health center hours remain very much convenient. A quick-access route is via the Uga health center login platform.

The clinic’s health fee

The health fee offers the UGA community the opportunity to get quality multi-disciplinary healthcare, health maintenance, and wellness within a few steps of campus classes. The facility offers expertise services yet at a conveniently cheap and classical environment. They’re board-certified in various fields to precisely deliver age-appropriate services and health information within the college campus context.

All the UGA students and their partners/spouses may use the UGA health center pharmacy services. All full-time students must pay a health fee each semester. The students who take five or more credit hours and all students’ spouses and their domestic partners may opt to pay the fee or choose to use the health center on a fee-for-service basis.

Fee for service vs. health fee

The health fee features as a semester charge determined by the board of regents and is compulsory for all UGA and students taking more than six credit hours. It is optional for students taking five or fewer credits and the students’ domestic spouses or partners. On the other hand, the fee-for-service applied to any service feature in the total health fee.

Uga Health Centre: Primary care medical clinic

When students enter UGA, they sign up for a primary care provider in a primary care medical clinic. The medical center has four medical clinics composed of physicians, practitioners, physician assistants, support staff, and registered nurses. They work as a team, much like a doctor’s office. This, therefore, allows every patient to return to the same provider and the team for continuity healthcare.

The team is a color design consisting of the medical clinic themes: gold medical clinic, Green medical clinic, blue medical clinic, and red medical clinic. Students can, therefore, contact 70654 28617 to identify their assigned PCP. The student can also discover their PCP on the UGA Health care login appointment system.

Much of what they are dealing with currently involves combat against the novel coronavirus. How to prevent the spread is a crucial struggle among many nations despite all the containment measures. Other battles are underlying ill-health conditions such as blood sugar – how to lower it remains a key concern.

Appointments: Uga health center hours

This medical center provides health care by appointment when the students call or the day convenient for them. The appointments are available from Monday to Friday from 8:20 to 11:20 a.m. and from 1 to 4 p.m. The UGA ID card is mandatory to verify current enrollment and eligibility for care. UGA students can choose to schedule appointments online, while eligible patients can call the clinic directly to arrange an appointment.

Sunday walk-in

The students with a severe but non-life-threatening condition such as fractures, high blood sugar, lacerations, severe vomiting, or high fever are treated on Sundays during spring and fall semesters from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. without an appointment.

This healthcare center is certified by the joint commission, the country’s most prestigious certifying board. The joint commission sets standards on the way the health care centers operate. They inspect the clinic regularly to make sure that they meet all the requirements. Patient safety and care issues are very significant to the university health center and are reviewed by the joint commission.