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Welcome to totaljerkface home of happy wheels games you like playing. Totaljerkface happy wheels is an online game, developed and published by Fancy Force an American studio. The game is a 2010 creation by Jim Bonacci, a pro video game designer who brings out real life into a video. Several featured characters use different and sometimes atypical automobiles to navigate the games’ levels. Happy wheels totaljerkface are one of violence based games on-trend and are now available in public servers.

How to Play Happy Wheels Games

Totaljerkface has made it all easy for any player you want to try out the happy wheel games. The procedure to get started only takes a moment of your time. There is a signup procedure involving filling up of registration form, the one you see below for new members. Otherwise, you can click at ‘login’ to access your games if you already have an account.

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However, you must remember, if you are registering for the first time and using Chrome, then you will need Adobe Flash Player.

Are Totaljerkface Happy Wheels Dying Any Soon?

Due to the Chrome and Adobe flash player issue, many are worried they might not conveniently play their games as usual. Chrome is on the process of doing away with the player; however, Jim is not concerned about this – he always got you covered.

Following his recent most post on News, Jim re-informed players of a Happy Wheels’ javascript version that has been in use since the beginning of 2019. However, he promised players that, the new version would be available soon before, Chrome does away with Adobe flash player. He had projected the release to be in January 2020, but again, that could not work for him. It therefore means, the plan is still underway.

So What About the New Javascript Version, What will It be Like?

Further, according to Jim’s latest post, the new javascript version for totaljerkface happy wheels would have some updated features.

First, the game will operate at 60 fps while the interpolated, physics remain at 30. Unfortunately, because of this new Box2d version, players will not access their older replays so accurately. However, they will be able to do so only if they use Flash versions.                                                     

This latest version will not be Jim himself working on it, but instead, he hired a capable company to handle the work. Up until now, he says things are moving on well, and he will soon be giving updates on new developments.

Totaljerkface Happy Wheels – Apps on Google Play

For better convenience, the physics-based games are now on Google Apps. The over 4.1-stars rated App is highly downloaded all across the world by players. It comes with a variety of games of car racing, battle, and a lot more you will find in the happy wheels totaljerkface website. Otherwise, still, you can get the App from the Microsoft store or share it to your iOS device. On this note, also, apart from, there are other websites through which you can find totaljerkface home of happy wheels games.