The Hunger Games Simulator

The Hunger Games Simulator

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The hunger games simulator intends to entertain you together with your family members or friends who enjoy such series. A more interesting fact on these games is that you get to experience a lot of customization options. These involve choosing the identities of the characters in your play. Often, they are 12, as the 12 districts in the original show of the Hunger Games series.

Top Hunger Games Simulators

The hunger games simulator plays are several, and other more are coming up with lots of custom options. However, if you are a beginner here, you need such pretty advice on which the best games you will enjoy are. Well, here are the two most talked about and very entertaining options you should consider.

The Danganronpa Games

Danganronpa is one of the oldest yet most exciting PlayStation Portable games to play. It is a visual novel with features of substantial dialogue, text-based adventures, and with the primary setting being in Japan. The play involves a group of students selected to join Hope’s Peak Academy, an elite school that turns out to be sinister.

These students, therefore, find themselves trapped by Monokuma, a mysterious villain who appears in the image of a frightening mechanical bear. The only way left for escape is to kill fellow students and try to find your way out.

The selection procedure on these students depends on their critical skills. Some being skilled programmers, martial art fighters, writers, singers, and so on. With you, the situation is different. You only got lucky, winning some random lottery and so the chance to join the school – with no special skills. Now in this play, you earn the ‘ultimate lucky student’ title. Despite your no skills, you can struggle in the fight and merge a winner if possible. How incredible!

Vore Hunger Games Simulator

The Vore is another updated hunger games simulator with quite interesting scenes and features. This game focuses on prey-predator existence where the prey has to play hard to be eaten, crushed, or exploited by its predator.

Significant sceneries of these games involve horrific gigantic creatures that are out for prey’s blood. With their extreme capabilities, they can eat, swallow, chase, and terrify with their sounds. They prey characters involved are witty and always try their best to survive. In their struggles to survive, they meet and experience bad weather, dark, bites, and a lot more terrific situations.

Some of the top vore Hunger games simulator you can play include;

  • The Entry for Baulder’s Gate,
  • Primal Rage
  • Dragoness Kali Of World
  • Alternate Reality              
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • StarFox/StarWing
  • Stretch Panic
  • Star Fox Command etc.

Here are more details on what they involve plus the platforms they can play. Remember, it is also essential to check out the hunger games simulator custom before going for any. This will ensure you chose your most suitable game.

Conclusively, you must note, not everyone is eligible to play the hunter games stimulator. There is an age restriction for those below 13 years. Most games, however, recommend parental guidance for these lesser ages.

Some children easily get traumatized by the horrific sceneries they witness and experience in the simulator. Hence as a parent, you should let them understand that these are mere fiction. Another way could be talking them to the hunger games simulator custom events. It helps build their bravery.