Thank you coronavirus helpers

Thank you coronavirus helpers! Top Search Engine Companies, Google, Yahoo appreciates

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It’s applause they indisputably deserve; thank you, coronavirus helpers! If there were some dark times the world has recently faced is the Covid-19 pandemic period. Like a plague, the highly infectious disease spread worldwide, leaving almost every section of the entire globe at least touched.

However, what is typically motivating are the blessed souls, who stood by our side, shielding us from the intense ‘coronavirus hurricane.’ Thank you, coronavirus helpers – we appreciate you even more!

Thank you from Top Search engines

While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused panic and extreme anxiety, the worse of it has been a loss of life. So Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines lately took to their online platforms to show their support to this fight. Apart from the additional help they offered, their latest campaign on the hashtag, #thank you coronavirus helpers doodle, has been an internet sensation.

They intend to appreciate everyone from teachers, parents, health workers, admins, and everyone who lend a hand in the struggle.

Google doodle: Thank you, Coronavirus helpers

Everyone across the world is supporting the fight against the coronavirus in one way or another. But, at, there is a better way to do it. They have chosen their doodle. The company altered its logo features to reflect their thank you, coronavirus helpers, google doodle campaign.

These changes included the exclusion of the ‘OO’ and the addition of a GIF featuring different professionals as helpers, health workers, teachers, etc. Additional features were red heart emojis representing much love and appreciation to all main fighters.

NOTE: This is not the first time Google is changing its logo for a worldly event, concern, or occasion. They have done this during the Olympics, world cup, and many others top worldly-concern events.

As one of the most trusted sites, it is always finding it crucial to update their multitude on various unfolding events of the present times. Covid-19 was crazy for the entire humanity, and thanking the front liners was entirely in order.

In support of their thank you, coronavirus helpers, google doodle campaign; the company twitted the following;

“As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. So we’re launching a Doodle series to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines.”

YouTube, thank you, coronavirus helpers

‘Thank you, coronavirus helpers, youtube,’ was also remarkably a part of Google’s ‘thank you coronavirus helpers doodle’ campaigns.  You could witness a change in YouTube’s overall logo, featuring lots of gratitude effects.

Through YouTube, the company created multiple videos with information on how the virus spreads, prevents it, remains safe, and so on.

Yahoo’s appreciation

Many internet gurus have shown their concern throughout the virus’s epic moments, among which is Yahoo.

The company has always presented preceding information on the covid-19 on every of its landing pages. This has been to remind people more of the virus’s availability, its impacts, and most importantly, how to stay safe from it.

Hitherto, they have not ceased to display some of these pages. Through them, you can also find links directing to more information about the same. Check on ‘thank you coronavirus helpers yahoo’ to see more of Yahoo’s effort in the fight.

Thank you coronavirus helpers from individuals

Currently, much help has been offered to the affected, both locally and internationally. However, this has not been the end. Still, there are individuals whose means have been different. They have come out to support charity missions, help communities, and offer pledges towards assisting those adversely affected.

Below are some of their methodologies in support of the entire fight.

1. Providing financial support

When the pandemic struck, jobs were lost, and surviving became a nightmare to a more significant proportion of the world’s population. It got horrible for some, going days without a meal and proper sanitation.

Amid these waves were saints came in to bring financial assistance to the affected. Thank you, coronavirus helpers; you saved us. Out of their comfort zones, they came to meet and interact with the affected, sorting out their bills and offering them great financial support; school feelings, health bills, etc.

2. Donating material and gifts

Other help was on donations—these mainly covered materials such as meals, ICU beds, oxygen cans, vaccines, syringes, etc. Unfortunately, not so many countries could afford to meet the demand for some of these items.

A very pronounced helper in this event is Jack Ma, a business philanthropist who granted lots of material and even financial support to many poor continents.

3. Offering emotional support

While some struggles could have been physical, a more significant part of them covered people’s emotions. Losing loved ones, and having more bedridden, was quite horrific. The moments were frightening to anyone who came close to the disease.

It was not a moment for some of us to offer emotional consolation. However, various psychologists via online platforms offered teachings on how to handle the tough times, giving precise guidelines on the same. More support of the kind also came from teachers to their students, encouraging them to stand firm while observing the covid-19 safety protocols.

4. Erecting thank you coronavirus sign

By April last year, if you could walk in various city hospitals, Elmhurst included, you couldn’t miss the ‘thank you coronavirus helpers sign.’

This sign is a referable example erected by one artist at the entrance of Elmhurst Hospital. It intended to give more courage to hospital workers, appreciating the excellent job they are doing.

If you walk the streets of you New York, still there are more you will find about the ‘thank you coronavirus helpers sign.’ The world is simply trying to appreciate the heroes and heroines in this fight.

5. Publishing articles

Another method people have use is publishing articles on coronavirus helpers. Again, the message shows how some of us helped the situation during the epic periods of the infection. In another view, it resembles the ‘thank you coronavirus helpers sign’ campaign but is now online.

A quick check online will lead you to multiple articles on this. For example, search, ‘thank you, coronavirus helpers, yahoo’ and see the various ones you will meet.

Searching on ‘thank you coronavirus helpers YouTube’ will always give you more ideas on how exactly you can appreciate these helpers.

Coronavirus vaccine

Conclusively, still, more appreciation needs to be done to the health experts who even invented the various coronavirus vaccines. While many more continue to receive their jabs, sensitization still needs to play a part to save the rest from contacting the virus.

Seek health consultation from your nearest vaccination center to stay afloat with the trending information. Nonetheless, follow the safety guidelines to conserve your good health. Thank you, coronavirus helpers! See more videos on thank you, coronavirus helpers, youtube.