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Why Simon Parkes the Human Soul Healer?

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The history of Simon Parkes is a breathtaking one. Those who have interacted with his services know a little more about who he is and what he does. Simon was born and breeds in a family of national services; law enforcers are now a resource for people’s inner soul healing through the Simon Parkes org.

Human life experiences can be both building and detrimental. The worse that affects us is emotional or psychological frustrations. A typical example is the impact of coronavirus. People lost their livelihoods and loved ones altogether.

Simon Perkes History

Simons lost his mother in 1979 in suspicious circumstances when her request to be released from her duties was denied.

During these times, Simon received £2,000 slipped under his door in an envelope with a note reading, ” Don’t Look back, Dick Whittington.” It is at this point that Simon decided to relocate to London.

In 2010 Simon came public expressing his dissatisfaction with the experiences he had in losing her mother. On the contrary, his complaints were battered and ridiculed by the mainstream media.

Later, In 2013 Simon received an invitation to a tour in North Yorkshire, a space radar base. The group which invited him was of 20 serving and retired military.

simon parkes blog and simon parkes website

During the event of which he was the only civilian, Simon received a commemorative award of medal/coin. It was the celebration of 50 years of existence for the 500 USAF in North Yorkshire. Apart from him, no one else in a group limited to 500 editions received the award. Little did he know this was going to be his game-changing moment.

From here, Simon went ahead to establish an organization that worked on Connecting Consciousness. The primary purpose for it was a dedication towards raising people’s self-awareness within a spiritual context.

Today the organization is alive in many countries with thousands of registered members – See, the Simon Parkes org. You can always join via the Simon Parkes website.

Services offered at Simon Parkes org

People from all walks of life and background consider Simon’s services ultimately essential – the appointed booking page can confirm this to you. The vital services Simon offers until presently are;

  1. Soul Reading

Through his skills and abilities, Simon connects with client’s sole, digging into their background and heritage for precise ‘diagnosis.’ The critical intent is to establish the source of the client’s psychological distress and prescribe the best solutions for them.

  • General consultation

If you got any pertinent topic you want to discuss with someone, Simon always gives a listening ear. Many clients are of this service, and from each session they attend, they come out with a new idea on how to face, tackle and fight certain blocking situations in their lives.

  • Deprogramming or Mind healing

Trauma is one health condition that detriments the psychological status of many. The primary cause of this is series of traumatic events occurring in one’s life, and they are pretty overwhelming. Having gone through similar experiences when he lost his mother, Simon fully understood what it means at its uttermost length.

In his mind-healing sessions, he has successfully deprogrammed traumatic clients restoring their lives up 95% of how it was before. He gives mind control tips and measures that entirely alter one’s opinion and judgment over difficult situations in life. See some of these testimonies at Simon Parkes blog website

  • Recovery from demoniac possessions

Dark energy beings are at random, affecting many people’s lives. A typical example is with jinni possessions. At Simon Parkes org, there is total deliverance from such entities. Listen to some of these discussions on Simon Parkes podcast

What else does Simon do?

Simo is an online informer. Check some of the Simon Parkes podcast prepared by him. Also, on his website, you can find more information on what he does via his Simon Parkes blog page. Apart from teachings on inner human lives, Simon is a critical contributor in various topics affecting his nation and world.

Through Simon Parkes podcast, he shared stories relating to the current global pandemic, the coronavirus. Also, he shares his opinion on the fight going on between the Israelites and the Palestinians. More of his update topics are much available on his Simon Parkes blog.