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Overlord Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast – 2021 updates

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For those who enjoyed Overlord season one to three, there is now the 4th season in the pipeline. Overlord is an animated series basing on a famous Japanese light novel, the Overlord, written by Kugane Maruyama, a renowned Japanese light novelist. Since the end of its season three back on October 2, 2018, it’s been two years with lots of anticipation about the overlord season 4 release date.

With the season 4 release date taking two years and more, this sounded non like a surprise to the fans. But, overly, this has been typical of various animated series, always taking long to release their next series after they conclude one.

Overlord season 4 coming soon!

Overlord anime season 4! The series’ casts Hara, Hino, and Uesaka unanimously confirmed the Overlord Season 4 production. These confirmations were further confirmed by So-bin, an illustrator who said the newly anticipated season would be adapting the 10th volume of the Overlord novel.

With the coming season, however, the significant changes will include that of the director. This time, Naoyuki Itou, Hunter x Hunter’s director, will be taking the turn to direct the upcoming season.

While sharing details on overlord anime season 4, the casts also gave details on the upcoming new movie. As explained by the Anime News Network, the film will cover the Sei Ōkoku-hen (Holy Kingdom Arc) from the novel. So far, however, there are no precise details on the movie’s staff and cast.

Who will make up the cast of Season 4?

Typically, it is anticipated that season 4 will contain the same casts as before in three, two and one. This way it therefore means;

  1. Satoshi Hino to maintain the voice of Ainz
  2. Yumi Hara provides the voice of Albedo, Ainz’s closest NPC ally
  3. Yumi Uchiyama as Mare Bello Fiore
  4. Masayuki Kato as demon NPC Demiurge
  5. Sumire Uesaka as the vampire Shalltear Bloodfallen
  6. Emiri Kato as Aura Bella Fiora

In a theoretical arrangement, the above roles will prevail as before unless there are some needed or critical changes.

Overlord release date

While there is so much anticipation on the overlord season 4 release date, nothing yet has been confirmed – no precise date, that is. This information, however, has nothing to do with the confirmation of the new season 4 being in production.

The greater anticipation for its arrival is in late 2021 – this could be around October November no assurance yet.

Some fans have already begun imagining that the production could not have started yet; however, this may not have any truth.

From our point of view, coronavirus and its prevention protocols could have meddled all these. But, unfortunately, the pandemic has transformed the normal to abnormal, causing lots of challenges in many film production industries. However, while there is still hope, greater chances of having overlord season 4 this year remain pretty high. Meanwhile, as the updates keep trickling in, we will constantly update you on the flow of events towards your most favourite anime/ manga series.