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No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: 2020 New Updates

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No game no life season 2 has been one animation film in waiting for quite so long. The animation completed its last episode for the first season six years ago. Until now, there has not been any clear information on the return of it. No game no life anime season 2 was expected to be more intense. We were all waiting to discover how the battle of Sora and Shiro went against the Disboard.  Or at least learning how the fight against the God of games Teto went. All these yearnings make it a great deal that we could have even had the no game no life season 2 episode 1 to give us an insight.

But is the Release Really on the Way?

The most bothering question on no game, no life animation, is whether it will have the second season. Many fans are out in different forums asking when the no game no life season 2 release date. Maybe the covid-19 pandemic delayed it; we still do not know. But are there any indicators of when this could be, or can we say goodbye?

People have shared out their varied possibilities. We must wait for now that which the producers decide on since there has not been any transparent communication.

One way to learn that will occur in the next seasons and episodes is to read through the light novel. But wait, how many of us are even willing to do that? We most likely feel fulfilled when we watch the moves, not a mere imagination and visualization – that way, it is even more fun.

Why No Game No Life Anime Season 2 Will Probably Not Come Back

A quick evaluation of whether we will have the next season depends on three main parameters. First is the source material, second popularity, and then sales.

The Source of the material refers to the property materials used in the production. Today, most animations are using Manga, games, and light novels to drive sales. No game no life purely uses the light novels we hope will continue its store beyond 2020.

So far, the series has ten volumes. The last one was got released on January 25, 2018, in Japan. The previous one before that came in 2016. it was somehow obvious that the newest would have come in 2020. However, until now, at the time of this article, there was no such communication.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date Taking Too Long

Next is about sales. Did you ever know how much it would cost to develop a series on the box office? Take a guess, over $300 000.00. That’s a lot of money! Sales therefore from any production must bring enough profits to encourage the next show.

No game no life season 2 episode 1 has delayed its release, and no clear explanation has been brought forward for the fans. Therefore, they did not make enough sales from the first season, and hence there was no much relevance for the next production. However, let’s wait; 2020 has been a rough year dealing with covid-19 and prevention measures.