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Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine, Can We Count On it?

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Moderna is one of the world’s top biotech companies so much interested in finding a reliable vaccine against the novel coronavirus. In their recent announcement on 18 May 2020, their moderna vaccine showed positive results in its first phase test. Following that announcements, Moderna/ mrna stock has since tripled.

What is mRNA, and how does it work?

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Messenger RNA, also referred to as mRNA, is the new vaccine on test for the novel covid-19. According to Moderna, its manufacturer, the vaccine is unlike the traditional biologics or pharmaceuticals. Instead, it is ‘instructions’ biologically designed to compel body cells into generating particular proteins that help fight and prevent the disease.

Like DNA, the Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) is a single-stranded molecule that transfers genetic code from cells’ nucleus DNA to ribosomes. It means, therefore, their necessity in the human body is at par – your body will always need them for better coordination.

In coronavirus treatment and prevention, you will get an mRNA injection, which then will trigger the production of these particular antibodies. More information on dosage is due once the research is complete. Apart from Moderna, many other biotech companies and institutions are as well in this fight soon; perhaps full medication will be available.

What other Scientists are saying on new Moderna vaccine

While the rest of the world remain cheerful and hopeful for these new solutions, some scientists remain somewhat skeptical. According to one of the latest Forbes articles on the Moderna vaccine report, the company is yet to give fine details to back up their claims.

In their report to Stat News, Moderna explained that their mRNA vaccine was able to generate antibodies against the virus. In an interview with two of their experts, Stat noted a few items not right. First, Moderna had not published their studies in any scientific journal. Also, the claimed results sampled from only eight subjects, and not all the expected 45. Meaning, only a fraction of the subjects’ results were used, which could be deceiving.

So far, Moderna has not announced when the vaccine will be accessible to consumers. They, however, expect to undertake second tests on their mRNA vaccine in the near coming weeks. Soon, after, in July, most likely, they will be starting the third phase.

Meanwhile, mrna stock is on a quick rise. The company has and continues to sell more shares giving moderna stock a sharp rise in only the past few days. Among the top in this list include former Moderna executive, Moncef Slaoui. He divested $12.4 million in mrna stock on Monday.

While the fight is still on against this global pandemic, coronavirus, many measures are in place to curb its spread. Different nations, in particular, have introduced some restrictions measures on how they conduct their daily business. Among these are movement cessations, observing the 2-meter social distance rule, and frequent hand sanitization.

Last thoughts

While many businesses stalls and economic state deteriorates, WHO lately announced that most likely, the covid-19 is here to stay. It urges nations, therefore, to introduce the ‘new normal’ in their lives. This take would entail accepting the disease presence and keeping safe from it.