What Are New Massachusetts Minimum Wage Rates?

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Great news to the Massachusetts employees! The year 2021 began on a good note as the Massachusetts minimum wage rates escalate to $13.5 per hour. This rate was an increase from the 2020s of $12.75 per hour. A similar effect was equally ma minimum wage witnessed with the tipped rates, which also rose from the initial $4.95 to $5.55 per hour.

According to the new minimum wage 2020 laws, employees on tipped payment schedules must have all their tips adding up to $13.5 per hour. This part remains for the employer; they must ensure the lawful wage value is paid to the worker.

Massachusetts minimum wage rates of $13.5 and $5.55 per hour are set to take effect on January 1, 2021. 

MA minimum wage to rise higher by 2023

Each time a calendar flips into a new year, there is hope that the Massachusetts minimum wage rate will increase. A confirmation to this peg on the 2018 law intends for minimum wage in ma to increase to $15 per hour.

In all instances, the Mass. Attorney General urges employees to account for how much they are being paid in wages and tips. Any shortage that causes payment under ma minimum wage should be addressed by the employer as soon as possible before the next shift.

Sundays and Holidays

For those working on Sunday and holiday, still, there is a lot to smile about. This time, the premium pay rates have been reduced by 1.2 times your regular rate from January 1, 2021. This law is most effective for retail industries working under Massachusetts’ archaic blue laws.

It is also a result of these decreases that there is a significant increase in the mass minimum wage. The projection by 2023 is that there will be no more premium rates for a holiday and Sunday working hours.

After the premium pay vanishes, what will remain of it will be a celebration. The United States dedicates June 19, commonly referred to as Juneteenth, as the end of slavery. In Massachusetts, they have adopted it as a commemoration date, and it is celebrated to mark the end of all the misfortunes of the society. Soon, the vanishment of premium pays will be among the misfortune ended giving people the freedom they need.

If an employer decides to pay employees a minimum wage, the employer must pay those employees according to the mass minimum wage law. These instances apply for either federal or state. The employees, in this case, must be paid a higher wage. In typical instances in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts minimum wage will apply as it overly guarantees a higher wage rate for employees than federal law.


From the ma minimum wage 2020, there is a clear indicator of quick improvement. As speculated by the 2018 ma minimum wage laws, 2023 will even have higher rates. This increase comes when the world faces challenging economic moments due to the global pandemic, the coronavirus. As the spread continues, life, in general, becomes more complex, especially with little wages one receives.