Latest of coronavirus news; Is AstraZeneca safe?

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While we all thought the coronavirus vaccine would bring us peace, now more controversies than we thought have occupied our space. The latest coronavirus news has been about the AstraZeneca vaccine; how safe is it? Many are asking. Still, on coronavirus vaccine news, states are reassuring citizens of their safety on the use of this jab and that they should assume all other rumors against it. So who or what is right?

The latest news on coronavirus is quickly unfolding following the dynamic views of many on the new vaccine. Below are some of these top news taking lots of today’s headlines.

1. Florida governor signing an executive order banning mandated use of Covid-19 vaccine passports

Ron DeSantis, Gov. Florida, issued a press release on March 22 on the ban of covid-19 passport usages around the state. In his support for the ban, Ron said, “Individual Covid-19 vaccination records are private health information and should not be shared by a mandate.” Adding to this, he further said, “So-called Covid-19 vaccine passports reduce individual freedom and will harm patient privacy.”

This objection was for the idea that the passports would create division among the citizens, those vaccinated and those who are not.

In his latest news conference, Monday 29th, Ron said the following.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine just simply to be able to participate in normal society.”

2. The Netherlands pausing AstraZeneca’s vaccine usage for the under 60

Another coronavirus latest news is with the Netherlands. Following the latest cerebral thromboembolic cases. According to the country’s medicines watchdog, Lareb, there have been five proven cases among patients between 25 to 65 years.

Calling on to action, Hugo de Jonge, Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare, and Sport, said the following. “There can be no doubt whatsoever about the safety of vaccines. The crucial question is still whether this concerns complaints after vaccination or due to vaccination.”

In a continuing statement, he added that “we must err on the side of caution, which is why it is wise to press the pause button now, as a precaution. But only for people under the age of 60.”

Currently, the ministry of health has distributed over 400,000 doses of this vaccine. There is a thorough investigation by both MRHA and EMA to establish the influential factor for these few exceptions.

3. Mets vs. Nationals Major Baseball League postpones over Covid-19 concerns

The league was scheduled this weekend, the third and fourth of April; however, this never happened to owe to covid-19 concerns. Three Nationals’ team players tested positive. The third player from the same team was suspected of having similar conditions on Thursday ahead of the game.

4. Coronavirus Vaccination starts with the 16 olds; Alabama declares beginning April 5

Another latest coronavirus news is from Alabama. The state now wants vaccination against Covid-19 to begin from 16-year-old persons upwards. The beginning date for this process is April 5.

In a statement that sounded like a caution, the Republican governor said, “Truly, this vaccine is our ticket back to normal life. We are so close to getting COVID-19 in the rearview, and until then, we should all keep wearing our masks, get vaccinated, and use the common sense the good Lord gave us,” said in a press release.

5. Over 100 million US citizens have received the vaccine

In a Friday tweet by Cyrus Shahpar, the White House Covid-19 Data Director, over 100 million people in the US had received the vaccine.


According to his records, the vaccination rate goes as high as 3 million people per day. You can always check out the timely updates of Covid-19 vaccination in th US at any time.  

So far, the AstraZeneca vaccine has over 100 countries’ approval for use. This information is according to Kristine Macartney. She is the director of Australia’s National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance in Sydney.

Many people have currently taken the jab, and no harm has come to them except a few cases as witnessed in the Netherlands. The bottom line, however, lies with our decision as it is not mandatory. Keep abreast with the latest from coronavirus news desks – information is critical!