Illinois tax refund status

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Tax filing and returns are two significant concerns that grab the attention of taxpayers in different states. Illinois is one of them, faces this as well.  The questions surrounding Illinois tax refund status and information never end. Fortunately or otherwise, the state of Illinois tax refund 2019 depends on various factors, both internally and externally affecting the revenue Department of Revenue.

2020, was another year taxpayers expected their refund, however, delays have been all along. The coronavirus pandemic, now spreading across the entire world, so much affected the refund processes. All-in-all, the bottom line question has remained, Where’s My Refund?


How long does the refund take?

Delay in tax refund can be unsettling; however, there are always valid reasons attached to the occurrence. Apart from the coronavirus disruption, the following two main issues can compel such delay.

1. Paperwork filling

While both electronic and paper are acceptable in the tax filing processes; it tends to be more comfortable and faster-handling e-information. Thus, if you use paperwork, there are high chances that your refunds will come later than those who used the otherwise method.

2. Filling wrong information

If you did make a mistake while filing your tax returns, the chances are that your tax refund will also delay. Wrong information could be on your address information. However, when this happens, you will receive a notification to check or add the correct details.

Otherwise, apart from these two, some other taxes might delay due to the recent trend by the IRS to check the refunds keenly. It has come to their attention the many frauds that have been happening within the various tax departments, and they are working hard to avoid any of these.

However, despite all of these, still, you can check the status of your Illinois tax refund status through a Where’s My Refund link. The page below is what you will have – showing your state of Illinois tax refund.

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Filling in the details will require your SSN, I.D number, and the exact amount you expect a refund. Hit search to check the state of Illinois tax refund.

Illinois tax refund 2019

The Illinois tax refund 2019 had no lots of delay concerns. The only difference for 2020 is the virus issue, which caused a little delay. However, the tax department still offers tax refunds after 15 weeks into the submission of the tax report. Failing to adhere by the set filling dates does attract penalties, that add on to your tax due.

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Illinois state tax refund has been long enough and has been quite efficient. The only better way to handle your taxes, therefore, is to play by the tax department’s rules.


The state of Illinois tax refund is confirmable for any taxpayer who may want to confirm theirs. The steps to this are comfortable and quite clear; you only need a few details; your SSN, I.D number, and the expected refund amount.

If you ever suspect unusual delays in your refund, always reach the state’s tax department. However, you must file your taxes in time to avoid unnecessary delays.