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How to Use the Area Between Two Curves Calculator

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The area between two curves is defined as the entire region occupied between the two curves in the coordinate plane. The area between two curves can be calculated by computing the difference between the two functions’ definite integral. In the case of two-dimensional geometry, the area region is a quantity that shows the region occupied by a two-dimensional figure. The two functions needed to find the area between two curves, let’s say f(x) and g(x), and the integral limit from a to b of a function representing the curve. You can still opt to use the area between two curves calculator.

The most obvious class of problems when calculating the area of bounded regions involves the regions between two curves. The other issues can easily be treated as a subset. Besides being a significant application of the definite integrals, this problem can also give one an idea about the curves involved.

If plotting one of the curves seems to be notoriously tricky, you can get an idea of the curve’s nature by calculating the area bounded by the curve with some other known curve. Let’s check at the method you will employ to solve the two curves problem.

How to Do the Math

The area between curves calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the results in fractions of a second. The simple procedure to use the area between the two curves calculator is as below:

  • Enter the lodge function smaller function and the limit values in the given input Fields.
  • Now you need to click the button ‘calculate area’ to get the output.
  • And lastly, the area under the curve calculator will be displayed in the new window.

How to Calculate the Area Between Two Curves?

Computing the area under the curve seems pretty straightforward. The first and significant step is to plot the two curves and ensure they are on the same graph. If you can’t plot the exact curve, at least you should have an idea of the relative orientations of the curves.

area between two curves calculator

After plotting the graph, you need to calculate the coordinates of the curves’ intersection to find the boundaries of the region whose area you need to calculate. In this case, let’s say the bonding of x1 and x2.  Then you will use the formula to calculate the area.

There are three main issues that you will have to contend with that will complicate things. They are

  • You will have to decide the curve which has a higher value. This isn’t a big deal. If you get it backward, you will get a negative area, and all you need is to change the sign.
  • Mostly, the curves intersect. You might want only to compute the area that is enclosed by the intersection of the two curves. You may have to find those points of intersections, and that requires solid algebra skills.
  • And finally, the graph curves may cross in the interval in which you are interested. Therefore, you will have to do more than one integral.

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