Alabama Unemployment

How do I Apply for Unemployment in Alabama?

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Losing your job is always stressful. With the unemployment rate being low since 1969, it’s not a guarantee that your job is safe. The Alabama Unemployment is surging as businesses across the country have been forced to close as restrictions to slow the spread of COVID 19. Did you lose your job recently in Alabama?

If you can check if you are eligible to file an Alabama unemployment claim – the compensation available to workers who are out of work through no fault of their own. Even though all basic unemployment rules are similar across the board, the prior earning requirements, eligibility rules, benefits amount, and other details may vary from state to state. Check it below and learn the criteria for eligibility to file an unemployment Alabama claim.

How to apply for unemployment in Alabama

You can opt to file your unemployment claim online at the Alabama department of labor website. You can also file a claim by calling the Alabama unemployment office. This will straight connect you to an electronic interactive voice response. You will need to answer some questions before reaching the customer representative, who will help you complete the application process.

To successfully file Alabama unemployment claim, you will need:

  • The name and address of your most recent employer
  • Your social security number.
  • The dates of your recent employment.
  • You are a state ID number, your driver’s license number, or your alien’s registration number.
  • If you have been serving in the military, you need to present your DD214 member copy.
  • Your mother’s maiden name.
  • You will have to file a weekly claim certificate after the establishment of your benefit. This occurs as soon as possible after you filed your application.

Eligibility to receive the Alabama unemployment claim compensation

You must have been unemployed by not voluntarily leaving the work or any case of indiscipline, and you must have had sufficient wages in your base period. Also, you must be available for work. Keep in mind that if you quit your job or are fired due to misconduct, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The time it will take to receive the benefits?

You will generally qualify for a set number of full benefits ranging probably from 14 to 20 weeks. The maximum number for the benefit per year is based on the Alabama unemployment rate. If you return to your job or have deductible income for any time, you may draw reduced payments.

With this, therefore, you can as well increase the total possible length of time you can draw. The total amount you can draw for the whole year is the maximum benefit indicated on your monetary determination.

If your Alabama unemployment claim is denied, you can file a written up appeal. The appeal must reach the institution within 15 days of the mailing date. You must also keep filing your weekly claims regularly. This is because they will be paid in the weeks you filed in case you win the appeal.