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Honey Select 2 Libido Coming Soon! – Spoilers’ Insights of the Big game

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With lots of sex stimulators available online, finding them only depends on where you look. Honey select 2 Libido is an excellent type; a 3D hentai game with quite realistic features. Its making represents the creativity of a super thinker willing to offer a staggering online gaming experience. The original series was released back in 2020 and has built a more fantastic fanbase even among Westerners’ non-English speakers.

So far, the demand to have the Honey Select English version is escalating. At least now, a more significant proportion of the fans are determined to get any information relating to this.  If you are curious too, this article is for you; however, there will be more information on this fantastic hentai game for your consumption.

What is Honey Select 2 Libido?

A video game with explicit character creation, yes, this is what Honey select two libidos is all about. Like Koikatsu Party, the Honey Select game presents characters with superb customization selections perfect waifu crafting.

Shaping your character does not take long on Honey select; an hour could be even more. Here, you will be great working on her appearance and personality, fine-tuning them to the sexiest persons you want. Once you are through, now you can begin enjoying your sex animation.

Honey, select two libido features default settings and user instructions. The most exciting bit, however, is not on exploration, creation, and showcasing. Instead, the game constitutes a little complex storyline that perfectly blends with various interactive erotic circumstances.

Game Features

No rival matches Honey 2 select libido often because of its high-end customizable features. The characters in these plays can be ‘designed’ to what you want, from their physical appearance to personality. However, the approach here is different. If you want that sexy tall girl with pointed boobs, there is always an option for this. These details also apply to men. Here, you can choose skin color, dark or light, height, and even penis size.

Upon creating your character, next will be fishing out sexy partners around the hotel for sex. As in real life, you will have to walk around the compound to meet the fine partners you want. Also, you can decide to play this sex at various places within the hotel; bathroom, hotel bedrooms, and bar.

What’s new about the game?

Honey Select 2 Libido is an upgrade from its predecessor. While maintaining its simplicity and appealing premises, the new Honey select two features more unique locations, sexual positions, outfits, and even customization selections giving the sequel a leg up on the initial series – other upgrades on Honey Select 2 Libido cover both character creation and studio modes. In addition, the two enhances player interactions with various girls available.

Honey Select 2 Libido release date

Yes! Illusion’s Twitter page confirmed this on Jan. 8. However, in their tweet, they mention one notable point: “currently working on the Steam version.” It seems, therefore, this time, there will be a release also in the English version.

Last thoughts

There are many struggles among Honey select fanatics on how they can have English versions of the game. While still there is hope from illusion about this, other options exist that some have explored already. With various translator sites and software, these fans are now enjoying the game even more.

The various translator platform in this listing include; DLsite, Xfinity.AutoTranslator and Fakku. These, however, are premium sites. You may therefore have to spend some amount to access the translation.

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