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Honey boo boo weight loss Entices fan

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CDC reports show exactly how weight loss remains a real struggle among many. According to its most recent statistics, 2013-2016, CDC confirmed that close to half of the American population are in this fight, trying to shed some pounds. Alana Thompson, a TV star also known as Honey boo boo, could speak differently about this. Weight loss is possible!  Nothing showed this better than her most recent pictures showing her slim self.

Honey boo boo weight loss has been an enticement not only to her fans but herself as well. Her thrilling latest pictures on Instagram show her new smile. New energy and confidence she longed to have. While feeling incredibly fabulous about her new self, the young reality TV star seemed not to give a damn what her haters had to say.

Alana never mentioned how many pounds she lost; however, the pictures could tell this.

Honey boo boo weight loss: Before and After pictures

Honey boo boo weight loss sparked new attention from both fans and haters. Every one of them was rushing to her medial social profiles to compare the old vs. latest pictures. With fans, this was a super achievement in which they further encouraged the young star to continue her strategy.

Haters, as usual, had their inputs; however, Honey boo boo continued to show them the direction she always does, unfollow and block.  What she’s always wanted are support and encouragement and not harmful/ unnecessary critics.

Below are some of Honey’s comparison pictures of her weight loss.


Alana mentioned her plan to lose weight back in October 2020. In March, her results on the same are clear and positive. At least many people can vividly notice a tremendous physical change in her.

See her latest pics below.


She’s now dating 15

While there isn’t so much information to confirm this, sources already have it that the 15-year-old Honey is dating. On several occasions, it’s been said that Alana has a boyfriend. Now that she’s even prettier in her reduced size, the accusations might turn out to be true.

She’s not letting haters win

If you can’t like and support what I do, why follow me? It is one fundamental question Honey asks her haters. With followers close to a million, Alana potentially has lots of haters as much as fans. Some of them sometimes exist between one time supporting her the next it’s all about hate and critics.

The most straightforward way Honey deals with her strongest haters is, unfollow. With her weight loss trending, haters have had a great topic to discuss; however, not all will be lucky. Alana appreciated everyone who gives her a thumbs-up whenever she makes a positive achievement.

How to lose weight fast

Do you intend to be the next Honey boo boo? Shedding weight is possible, however, with a proper plan. The following are some of the key ways on how you can do it fast and effectively.

  1. Consider thorough/ frequent workouts
  2. Watch your diet

These two are the main; however, you can use these other methods;

  1. Medication
  2. Removing body fats using various machines
  3. Surgery

Honey boo boo weight loss comes when some are giving up on how to lose weight. However, it must occur to all that keeping fit adds more life to the body. You might therefore want to start acting today and avoid certain illness conditions.

Here is how to keep fit Honey boo boo way.