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New Google’s ‘I’m feeling curious’ Feature

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Have you remained curious about Google’s latest feature update? Well, they now have something to keep you off the boredom you are having with the ‘stay at home’ new normal, the ‘I’m feeling curious’ feature. On the Google search tab, it’s simple to type in either of the following words;

  • I’m feeling curious.’
  • or I’m feeling curious trick’
  • ‘i’m feeling curious images’
  • or I’m feeling curious funny’
  • I’m bored I’m feeling curious o fun facts’

This way, you would have begun the fun. The search coming from this will be a random fact pulled from one of the Wikipedia or news pages

Google introduced the Feature back in September 2015. Perhaps this time, people have thought about it – could it be out of idleness caused by the new stay-at-home pattern? Maybe yes, just kidding.

Why You should try I‘m Feeling Curious TrickFeature

Most of us are typically familiar with Google’s hidden easter eggs. Well, this was no fun as compared to the ‘I’m feeling funny, images’ and so on Feature – this will keep you occupied.

i'm feeling curious trick

I learned about this Feature back in 2016, shortly a year after it began. Like the curiosity it offers, I needed to know what it was all about. My first search term was ‘i’m feeling curious images.’ I never liked this, as it was all about screenshot images of what I expected; hence I tried the rest.

Now, this is what I was looking for. A fact which I assume was random as per how the Feature works popped up. I was something about the first sitting president ever to make a presidential visit to another state.

From the first question, I proceeded to ask next, and there were lots of facts coming up which entirely remained notable to me. Next was to text anything, ‘I am feeling…’ that I learned from my friends. I tried checking out the rest; ‘i’m feeling curious trick,’ funny’ and ‘i’m bored I’m feeling curious of fun facts.’

The most interesting with these facts is that they cover everything from ancient to recent. Luckily, you do not have to think of a topic to ask about, like a widget that rotates and gives you random positions; this Feature borrows the same concept.

Where do these facts come from?

A closer look at the facts on this Feature will tell you about their origin, mainly from historical facts. While there is much coming from the Wikipedia pages, You can download I’m feeling curious images from Google and other websites. You can also find some also originating from sites like;

  • History.com
  • Princeton.edu
  • People.com, among others of similar type.

For those who love reading a lot, maybe spending time learning new facts each day, this is a golden chance therefore, you have. All you need for this function is Google access, which means you must have an internet connection.

Telling Google that you are feeling curious is a new norm, slowly taking a trend. Nowadays that most of us mostly stay at home, we might probably have much time for this. Better than most online games, this Feature is much easier to work around.