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Rice Purity Test Score 2021

What Is Rice Purity Test; How does it work?

How innocent are you in worldly matters? This is what the rice purity test is all about – it is more like those mind online games you play. As one of the oldest internet memes, this 100-question survey offers fun and helps you advance self-awareness levels. The rice purity test score meaning may not be what you are; however, they might highlight some truthful elements about you and your life as a whole.

What is the rice purity test?

The rice purity test comes as a self-graded survey showing your innocence’s results on a percentage scale. The highest rice purity test score is always between 0% – 100%. When you score 100%, it means you are entirely innocent; 0% would mean the lowest level of the same.

This test was first developed and used by the Rice University. The intention, as indicated above, was for fun but also for personal evaluation among the students.

Typical questions you would meet in a test; what are they about?

Mark-you, this test began long ago in the 1980s. Then there were different but similar or almost similar test questions as of now.  Quick cross-check, however among the many test platforms, the following topics are the most considered.

  1. Romance
  2. Relationship
  3. Sex and sexuality
  4. STI’s
  5. Conviction
  6. Breakage of state’s laws

These topics could be more, each with 5-10 questions depending on the platform.

How does the test work?

Once you access a test side like this, you can start right away. The survey contains 100 questions and a check box to indicate whether it is a yes. When no, leave the box unchecked. An example is, had a threesome? If you did, check the box; if not, go it.

There are two options for calculating your score or reset the checkboxes at the bottom of the page.

What is a good rice purity test score?

A score of between 100-98 is considered the best score. It is pretty exceptional, though, as most people can never be any closer to this level of innocence. Your personality must be incredible to achieve such levels.

The excellent score ranges between 97 – 93. The in-between scorecards within this group indicate persons with high maturity levels. In a real sense, they can only do less to reach the best score level.

Scores between 93 to 77 indicate high levels of expertise, respect and self-resistance. Most people belonging to this group grew under a high moral environment full of affection and care.

female purity test

Introverts, shy and timid people often score between 76 – 45. Such people should work more on their social skills.

Rice purity test score of below 45 reveals anxiety, stress, or mental disorder. These scorers need substantial medical attention characterized by psychological care.


The rice purity test average score should be in the range of 50 and above. As much as the test may not be 100% a reflection of who you are still there is some truth they carry. It is called thinking twice – think about rice purity test score meaning. Always try figuring out any connection between these results and your reality.

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