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Dunham’s sports; 68% Off Super 2021 Summer Deals

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Do you love outdoor/ casual activities? Welcome to the Dunham sports superstore. These chain stores offer high-end sports/simple equipment and gear for the extreme enjoyment of your outdoor activities. Dunham’s sports now rate among the top retailers dealing in various items for an entire sports explosion. Get started by finding the nearest Dunham sports locations and then placing your orders.

About Dunham’s Sports

Initially, the store was named Dunham’s Bait & Tackle. The first one was opened in 1937 and was operated by Ron Dunham on North-western Highway west of Telegraph Road. After that, it got sold to various individuals and even companies to the latest Athleisure Corporation.

Today, Dunham’s sports chain brags over 230 locations in 22 states. These locations include; Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Best-Selling items on Dunham sports: UP TO 68% OFF

Dunhams sports offers several discounts for its product all through. This summer, however, they have considered your budget and raised the discount percentages. So check out some of the following deals.

1. Tour Max Men’s Mock Turtleneck Short Sleeve Golf Shirt

If you like golf, here is the best deal for you this season. The pure-cotton-made unisex t-shirt gives you the freedom you need in the field and the descent appearance you want. Plain as it is, there are varieties you can choose from in terms of color and size.

2. Bearpaw Men’s Ernest Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Get the best hiking shoe this summer at Dunhams sports. The Bearpaw type is an exclusive design that will maintain both comfort and safety of your feet. Check out its new discounted price.

3.  7 Dials Women’s Cadella Thong Sandal

Women here are something unique for you. Get these for your indoor sports activities. They are light, best fitting for your size, and pretty above it all.

4. Miken Flow Women’s Mom Life Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Check out this casual wear for women. It is a high-quality package of both the top and bottom. The two will blend well with some beautiful casual shoes Dunham sports offers in plenty.

Other than the above four, Dunham’s sports offer more deals for better gaming experiences. So keep on checking the website for up-to-date information.

Can you order Dunham’s online?

Absolutely yes, other than local stores, you can as well shop from their online stores. Select the items you want by category, size, and gender, then place your order. Usually, it takes an average of fifteen days to fulfill your order, depending primarily on your location.

How much does Dunham’s sports pay hourly?

If Dunhams sports pays you, here is what you should expect in terms of salary.

  • Assistant store manager: $49,141 per year
  • General manager: $89,200
  • Sales associates/ cashiers: $10 per hour
  • Key Holder: $16 per hour

Does Dunham’s give AAA discount?

AAA membership gives you a chance to earn a 10% discount on any merchandise you buy from the store. For more information on AAA registration, visit here.

Given the various Dunham sports locations, you can always visit your nearest for the products you need. Payment gateways remain safe at all times. Get in touch for any support you need.

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