Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available! Ian McKellen already vaccinated

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Finally, the world can breathe a sigh of relief from the manacle chains of the grievous Covid-19. It has been jubilation of its kind, a breakthrough celebration recognized by the world’s Icons like Sir Ian McKellen. The 81-year-old British star was among the first UK’s vulnerable group to receive the covid vaccine. The actor received his first Pfizer/BioNTech covid 19 vaccine dosage on Wednesday, describing the feeling as “euphoric.” The Ian McKellen vaccine has since been an inspiration to most, urging them to crave for the coronavirus vaccine sooner if possible.

For over a year now, the global pandemic, the coronavirus, has been a tragic case throughout the entire globe affecting health and socio-economic activities. According to the coronavirus map European countries, followed by the US, were most affected. The research pointed out lots of possible reasons as to why these inclinations.

I feel lucky to received the coronavirus vaccine injection – Sir Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen is one of the celebrated British actors known for their plays in the “X-Men” franchise and “The Lord of the Rings” films. The actor received his first dosage at the Queen Mary University of London, in east London. The actor showed an incredible thrill during the covid vaccine, as seen from his session with doctor Phil Bennett-Richards.

sir ian mckellen, coronavirus vaccine

In his tweet this Thursday, Ian said, “I feel fortunate to have had the vaccine. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.”

In a press release by NHS England, McKellen, 81, belonged to the initial group termed as “eligible groups” to receive the coronavirus vaccine. The rolling out of the vaccine has been prioritized, starting with the most vulnerable groups such as the old (80 years and more), the health care workers, and care home residents.

So far, and according to NHS, the vaccination program now kicks its second week.  The press release described the entire process as the “biggest breakthrough since the pandemic began, potentially saving tens of thousands of lives.”

The United Kingdom became the first Western nation to authorize a Covid-19 vaccine!

The authorization of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in Western nations picked earlier this month. This allowance came in to show a beacon of light in the virus’s dark tunnel.   

Further in the press release, McKellen said the following. “I feel honored to have received the Covid-19 vaccine.” He hence urged everyone out there to take the offer as it would only take a few minutes of their time.

“I hope that, as more people get vaccinated, we will move further along the path back to a more normal way of life, particularly for the arts which have suffered so much this year.

“We all have a part to play in the fight against coronavirus, and doing our bit and getting vaccinated will save lives.”

Macron positive covid

All these statements come just a few weeks after the French President, Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for covid 19. As Elysée said on Thursday, “The President of the Republic has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19 today. His diagnosis came in following a test performed at the onset of the first symptoms.”

Covid 19 vaccine program

In a statement by NHS England, the covid vaccine comes in two doges, slotted at least 21 days apart. How does it work? The release explained that it teaches the immune system how to defend itself against attack.

NHS England medical director for primary care, Dr. Nikki Kanani, said: “The NHS has made an excellent start to rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine across the country.” “with dozens of hospitals and now hundreds of local vaccination services offering the vaccine to those who need it most.”

For us all, therefore, it is time; this should not leave us behind. Let’s focus on keeping healthy by fighting coronavirus like sir Ian McKellen.