Coronavirus Symptoms 2020

Coronavirus Symptoms 2020 and Treatment

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The novel coronavirus 2020, also called Covid-19, is a tragic respiratory illness affecting most populations across the globe. The current numbers by the World Health Organization as at 2:00 am on 10th April 2020, indicate how fast it spreads. This article focus on the details of Coronavirus Symptoms 2020 and treatment. Keep reading to learn more

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases reach 1,439,516. With this, there also comes coronavirus death toll of 85,711 confirmed cases.

So far, there has not been any confirmed vaccine for coronavirus prevention. However, health experts all across the world are putting all their focus and effort into it. By now, the only remaining way towards fighting the disease is using preventative measures.

However, before going into that, you need to understand what symptoms come from infection with this virus. The following are the so-far established ones that you can look out for.

Coronavirus 2020: Signs and Symptoms

The covid-19 takes between 1-14 days to begin showing its signs and symptoms. Some of these could be mild on some people depending on their immunity and body condition.


The average human body temperature should be between 36.1°C and 37.2°C. Any abnormal temperature, therefore, above would indicate ill-health condition. In this case, you could be suspected of having the virus. In the fight to curb the coronavirus numbers, body temperature checking has been a useful method to detect the infected.

Most countries are now using temperature detecting equipment on travelers on roads and airports. Also, designated coronavirus 2020 care units to have them to test out any patient coming into their facilities.


Abnormal and perhaps constant fatigue is also another coronavirus 2020 symptom. The feeling manifests in your joints and muscles, making you feel generally weak. When it adds to fever, then it would be necessary to seek health care fast. For covid-19 treatment, it is one of the considered signs

Dry Cough

Coronavirus 2020 patients often suffer dry cough, which is highly detectable. Its consistency makes the patient uncomfortable, and seeking health resolutions in this situation is essential.

These three are the most typical; however, severe coronavirus cases show difficulty in breathing. This condition is even worse for a patient with other respiratory complications. Such situations call for fast and intensive health care responses.

Covid-19 Treatment

Despite not having an established vaccine yet, the coronavirus is treatable through the various hospital procedures and medications. So far, several patients have tested negative for the coronavirus 2020 after being initially positive. However, this does not give them immunity to the virus. Still, if they get exposed, the high chances are that they will have it again.

Coronavirus Symptoms 2020

Even as health scientists strive to make ends meet in this fight, they still very much insist on prevention. Hence, having studied the spreading mode of the virus, they have given directives on coronavirus prevention. They consider several safety procedures, which include the following.

Hand Sanitization

This procedure prevents spread via hand contact. If you touch areas touched by an infected person and not sanitized, then chances of getting the infestation are high. This is because you will reach your eyes or mouth, and there you have it – it will enter your body. Maintaining is another covid-19 treatment procedure.

Keeping Social Distance

Social interactions between one person and another to be 1.5 meters apart. This measure avoids the coronavirus 2020 symptom spread via mouth secretions when one is talking. The particles can ‘jump’ to the next person’s mouth or eyes, causing infection.

Self-quarantine and Seeking Medical Care

When you suspect exposure to the virus, it is important to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine to protect people around you. If you experience any of the above signs and symptoms, seek immediate medical assistance.

Another person suspecting the coronavirus 2020 infection should also seek medical care. However, this should be at designated covid-19 treatment stations. Or you can call emergency numbers in your state and ask for help.