Coronavirus Prevention: Strategies and Precautions

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The coronavirus 2020 is a world’s pandemic causing great panic, anxiety, and even deaths. With no, vaccine yet, coronavirus prevention has been the only method to reduce is fast spread.

The tragic respiratory illness has now existed for almost six months since its first case on 17 November 2019. It began with what was claimed to be an infection from seafood. However, this turned not to be the reality of it after a case involving a patient with not links to the seafood that occurred on 1 December 2019. After that, several other coronavirus cases followed, and the spread left Wuhan to reach other parts of the world.

The Updated Coronavirus Map

Currently, the coronavirus numbers by World Health Organization (WHO) on 10 April 2020 at 2:00 am indicate the following.

  • Total confirmed cases: 1,439,516
  • Confirmed Death cases: 85, 711

According to WHO, coronavirus map shows infection cases leading in Europe, followed by America. The least infected continent is Africa.

With most continents and states continuing to have rising curves, the fight for prevention on coronavirus is on. The world’s top health departments, in conjunction with political institutions, are joining hands in this fight. With no cure yet, the health experts have given directive measures on coronavirus prevention. These measures include the following;

Social Distancing

Not all people find this a cup of coffee. The call for everyone now is to keep a distance from each other. Experts say, coronavirus is airborne, and that explains why it is essential to demonstrate social distancing. The WHO and other heading health concern departments recommend at least 1.5 meters.  This way, it will be difficult for the virus through body fluid excretions to reach the next person, for instance, when talking.

To further enforce this, the administrative units have been called upon to ensure quality adherence to this rule. In their capacity, they have therefore resolved to limit congregative meetings and places like churches and schools. Also, they have imposed restrictions in some common areas like clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, and many others. Mostly they encourage people to stay at home.

Adhering To Basic Hygiene

Another much insisted on coronavirus prevention measure is adherence to basic hygiene. According to health experts, the coronavirus stays alive on different surfaces for varied durations. Meaning, it is easy to contact the infection by touching areas touched by infected persons. Thus, they call for constant and proper hand sanitization and avoiding touching the face with uncleansed hands.

More precautions encourage people to clean surfaces at workplaces and wear masks when sick. Others include coughing into elbows and disposing of used tissues. These measures have seemed to work as the best coronavirus prevention measures.

Coronavirus Prevention by Self-Quarantine

For the interest of not infecting people around you, self-quarantine for people who have traveled from abroad is called for. The period of this exercise goes up to 14 days within which, if you feel sick, you alert the health experts around you. The directive on this course is not to physically see a doctor since you might infect them in the process. The health team in charge of the virus will always pick you from your house and take you to a designated health facility.

All the above three prevention measures are also precautions towards limiting coronavirus death toll. Health experts say coronavirus numbers will only decrease with a close observation of these three measures.

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