Coronavirus Map: Updated Facts On Its Spread

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The 2020 global pandemic, coronavirus commonly referred to as Covid-19, has and remains a nightmare to many countries and continents. Since its first report case, the coronavirus map has shown how lethal the virus is against humanity. From Wuhan, China, where it all began now to Russia, Africa, the US, Europe, and Entire Asia as well.

According to the South Morning China Post, this respiratory illness causing virus first reported its case on 17 November 2019. A 55 years old man from Hubei was diagnosed with the virus, which was linked to local seafood.

Later, on 1 December 2019, another case was confirmed. However, according to the Lancet journal report, this had no connection whatsoever with the seafood market. Even as more such cases streamed in, it remained a puzzle to medics, on what could cause this tragic illness.

By 20 December 2019, the coronavirus map had to reach 60 people, as reported by the SCMP. On 27th that month, the head of Hubei Provincial Hospital, Dr. Zhang Jixian, reported the case to China health officials. At this time, the numbers had reached 180, and it did not stop surging.

Soon, the coronavirus map covered the better part of China and had started spreading in other parts of the world.

Current Coronavirus Numbers

Even as health experts across the entire world struggle to find the cure and a vaccine on Covid-19, its spread is not at a standstill. Lots of countries around the globe as a whole continue to report new infections daily and every week. Alongside this comes the also increasing coronavirus death toll.

What remains now is the enforcement of coronavirus prevention measures which has changed many lifestyles. Many ignoring them end up contacting the infection easily.

As at 2: am CEST, 10 April 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported the following statistics on coronavirus map across the world.

  • Confirmed cases: 1, 439, 516
  • Deaths: 85, 711

In terms of regions, Europe was leading with Africa reporting the least in the coronavirus map. The statistics were as follows.

  • Europe: 759,661 cases
  • Americas: 454,710 cases
  • West Pacific: 116,058 cases
  • Eastern Mediterranean: 87, 882 cases
  • Southeast Asia: 12,156 cases
  • Africa: 8,337 cases

Note that, among the confirmed cases at this time, there were also the recovered ones. The coronavirus map, however, continues to grow to cover better part of the world.