Community health centers of lane county

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The community health centers of the lane county apply a multidisciplinary team approach to deliver the medical, substance abuse treatment, and lane county behavioral health to patients to their four main clinic sites. They believe the healthy people are the foundation of lane county public health communities. Each of their four-lane county community health centers delivers superior, cost-effective primary care for the whole family. They provide compassionate care for children, infants, seniors, adults, and adolescence.

Who are the community health centers of lane county?

The main aim of the Community Health Centers of Lane County is to enhance the health and the wellness of the community through access to cost-effective, holistic care. They have adopted the model of essential care known as Patient-Centered Medical Home. This primary care model prioritizes patients who have increased access to other services beyond general medical care at the clinic. They coordinate their patients’ health care across the community, hospital visits, specialist.

Like in health connectors, the patients at the Community of Health Centers of Lane County are assigned to a care team consisting of various types of professionals. Each member of the, therefore, the staff delivers different skills and knowledge to support the health of their patients. They believe that healthy and satisfied people are the foundation of the lane county public health as a whole.

Significance of community health centers

They save money

People may wonder if the community health centers can cost the local area money.  Actually, they save a lot of money because individuals tend to prefer services from these clinics rather than turning to hospitals emergency rooms.

Uncompensated hospital care has been reduced by a larger percentage. Why is this so that important? Everyone pays for uncompensated care because the expenses are passed along to all people. A study concluded that these clinics located at lane county public service building had, therefore, saved hundreds of dollars per patient spending annually.

They are an economic engine.

Community health centers have shown significant support to the economy by buying goods and services, paying taxes, and source of employment.

They are convenient

In a country with advanced health-care technology, these clinics can provide everyone with reliable access to quality health care. Nobody has, therefore, turned away from these community health centers, including patients without insurance. The system, therefore, works more like that of  MASSACHUSETTS – an insurance plan for better health care.

For instance, the patients of all ages can have their medical and dental requirements all met at one of the four clinics of these community health centers. Every facility has, therefore, experienced staff for family medicines, women’s’ health, family medicines, and offers lane county behavioral health services, walk-in clinics, and pharmacy services.

Final words

community health centers are your ideal partner in affordable health care solutions. It, therefore, does not care what your age is, your financial situation, or your family situation. These clinics are, therefore, a division of health and human service in lane county.

lane county public service building is not alone..

Community Health Centers of lane county has been receiving HHS funding and has the federal Public Health Services. Also, it has deemed status with regard to particular health-related claims, including the medical malpractice claims that cover the clinic and its patients. Now that there is coronavirus, they institution could be dealing with even more in relation to this.