Jack Ma Missing

China’s Business Tycoon Jack Ma Missing!

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Where on earth is Jack Ma? The recent ‘disappearance’ of Chinese business tycoon Ma has sparkled internet sensation this entire week.  According to various reliable sources, the Alibaba founder has been missing in action since October, shortly after giving a contradictory opinion on China’s Communist regime.

These speculations heightened when the 56-year old businessman and a philanthropist failed to show up at his ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’ show. The show aimed at providing African entrepreneurs a chance to compete for the US $1.5 million prizes. According to the show’s series, this was the season finale, which is a significant reason people expected his presence.  

According to The Financial Times report, Jack Ma had been replaced as a judge and his picture removed from the show’s webpage. At the same time also, it reported the airing of a promotional video, sans Ma.

According to an Alibaba spokesperson, Ma was reportedly unable to attend the season finale “due to a schedule conflict.”

Top Information about Jack Ma

While most of us are now talking about his disappearance, let us know who Jack Ma is in an arc shell. The following points paint a picture of who Ma is in a simple storyline form.

  • Jack Ma is a teacher by profession and a businessman by passion
  • Hangzhou Haibo Translation Agency was his first company he started in 1994
  • In 1995, he launched the China Yellow Pages website. This was alongside the help of his wife and friends.
  • Later in 1999, he, together with 18 friends, launched a B2B marketplace site, Alibaba. The office was at his apartment
  • In 2003, he went on to launch the Alipay and TaoBao to take on both PayPal and eBay in China
  • Currently, he still supports entrepreneurship and demonstrating high levels of philanthropism.

The last of Jack Ma

Ma’s come to public last on October 24th 2020 while giving a speech in Shanghai. Speaking during the function, Ma criticized the government for sabotaging innovation from the young generation. Quoting him from the speech, he compared the present global banking rules in China to an “old people’s club.” So far, there has been a follow-up by the Beijing fintech venture, Ant Group is taking scrutiny into the mystical ‘disappearance’ of the business tycoon.

In his speech M a said the following;

“Today’s financial system is the legacy of the Industrial Age.” He also added,

“We must set up a new one for the next generation and young people. We must reform the current system.”

Last month, China’s top market watchdog launched an investigation into finding out the so-called anti-competition strategies Alibaba was using. In a local media report, the country had removed all the rectification plans meant for his fintech venture Ant Group.

According to TechCrunch’s reliable sources, China had summoned the group on December 26th for a ‘rectification’ talk. They wanted the group to rectify its regulatory violations.

Nonetheless, with no clear information about what may have occurred to the re-known businessman, we hope all is well with him. Meanwhile, his investments are on; Alibaba has not reported any alterations owing to its founder’s disappearance.

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