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Barney Alphabet Zoo

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The barney alphabet zoo is a kids’ play program quite enjoyable even to the elders. Its plot involves a bunch of kids and Barney, who dresses up in a purple and blue dinosaur suit. The group set up a pretend zoo, more like a classroom where they identify animals with their starting alphabetical letters—for instance, Z for zebra, L for a lion, and so on. The more interesting section is barney-alphabet-zoo part 2 where they sing kookaburra Molly, Aunt to Julie, who is one of the kids, stops by the classroom.

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She likes everything going on and decides to tell an exciting story about a boy and a little hopping rabbit. When she finishes, Jason also one of the kids uses sign language tells her, ‘I love you.’

A Little History on This Series

Barney alphabet zoo is a play written by Mark S. Bernthal and directed by Jim Rowley. It was first aired on October 18, 1993. Its central theme is ‘The Letters of the Alphabet Zoo Animals.’ In total, the series has 14 seasons up-to-date. The last one came in 2010 with same-named characters but different persons.

Throughout the 14 seasons, the theme has remained the same, with each trying to be specific with its sub-theme. So far, the grown interest in this fantastic TV series has reached international levels, and many states even have their versions. Some have translated and even shortened it for easier understanding by their children.

About Kookaburra

An entertaining song this is. The barney alphabet zoo kookaburra is one of the musical pieces you will meet while watching the series. It is Barney who leads the song, and the kids sing along with their hands holding together at the back.

Their dance moves to this song are impressive, and you would, therefore, want to watch it over and again. As a better way to enjoy the series more, you can try out these moves as you sing along with the characters.

Where and How to Get a Copy of Barney-Alphabet-Zoo

barney the alphabet zoo is one of the most fantastic TV shows, not only for your kids but you as well. Its educative nature, the entertaining songs, and the general drama worth a high reputation.

You, therefore, can get a few episodes of the series on various internet sites such as YouTube. However, this might not consist enough. The likely scenario is that you will get barney alphabet zoo part 2, for instance, on-site A and miss the following immediate episodes on the same site.

The most reliable place to get your copies is reliable shops like Amazon and eBay. Here you will get all the seasons and corresponding episodes in an orderly manner. Occasionally, also, you can check various kid’s TV programs. Some of them include the barney the alphabet zoo series to keep their viewers entertained.

Why you Will Always Like Barney-Alphabet-Zoo Series

The theme is excellent, and the director capitalizes on it. The drama in it is what every growing child would like to experience; the fun therein is all attractive.  Also, as much as it might be for children, this series is lovely to adults as well, the kookaburra song and many others are quite entertaining.

When spending time indoors during the coronavirus period, this can be a super way to keep your children indoors.

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