Apple MacBook (ok 12in m7) Review: Faster and Longer Battery Life!

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Hardly a year passes before Apple, one of the top technological companies in the world dealing in computers, changes its products’ concepts. The idea is always to better the end-user experience. The 12-inch MacBook, casually marked as k 12in m7, ook 12in m7, book 12in m7, and acbook 12in m7, is one of their latest product series with admirably innovative features. This article will dive deep into its specifications, explaining its core-distinction features in detail.

Why choose a MacBook computer in the first place?

Many valid reasons exist why you should consider Apple products over any other. More specifically, MacBook computers tend to come with the following advantages granting them a top place among the best brands in the market.

1. Affordability and Durability

While MacBook laptops may feature top prices in the market, they remain pretty affordable. But let alone the cost, durability takes a tall feature when it comes to these products. When looking for a long-term laptop, the MacBook brand forms the best choice you can find in the current market.

Unlike many other brands, MacBook is less likely to have hardware dysfunctions. The product can last even longer if it receives proper maintenance and care; cleaning dust, clearing junk drives, etc.

2. Secure

Every laptop/ computer device remains at risk of Cybersecurity attacks –regardless of its brand or operating system. The perception is that most hackers/ malware makers target larger populations and, in this case, the other brands using windows OS. A critical feature that outstands MacBook is less susceptibility to computer viruses.

3. User convenience

Another point of sale for MacBook is absolute user convenience brought about by the easy-to-navigate features. For those who have other Apple products, iPhones, iPods, and tablets, these MacBook computers offer even more flexibility in matters of compatibility.

4. High resale value

A k 12in m7 will retain a relatively high market value for resale compared to old, ordinary MS laptops or Windows PC.

Key Features of ok 12in m7

The tech industry highly recognizes the k 12in m7, also referred to as the ook 12in m7, book 12in m7 or acbook 12, for its utter performance features. The pretty make design laptop shares various hardware and software details that wholesomely grant its unique yet quality performance.

ok 12in m7 Keyboard

If you prefer the noisy keyboard, sorry, this laptop is not for you. ook 12in m7 is a skinny and sleek  Retina Display model that suits gamers, writers, and picture editors well. The board has a number pad and an extra desk space for added convenience.

For right-handed users, the mouse travel is designed to accommodate your needs. With less travel, it’s easier to work out your navigation.


The upgraded processor is the key outstanding factor differentiating the 12-inch MacBook laptop. The new processor is an upgrade from the initial Core M-family Skylake-generation CPU. Better than the rest, the M series CPUs are much smaller and offer high effectiveness. Because of these features, it keeps the laptop cooler even under full capacity functioning.

The acbook 12in M7 is an excellent model for normal online browsing, such as handling business tasks. It offers fast booting and response to various commands.

For those in the video-making industry, the M7 gives a recommendable experience with editing and other formatting processes. Added to this feature, book 12in m7 presents a high screen resolution of 4K type coupled with upgraded graphics. Online games like Minecraft would definitely need a powerful laptop as these to compete with speed.

ok 12in m7 Storage

Storage plays a vital role in the wholesome operation of a laptop device. The recent flash storage option has yielded ultimate convenience for device users as it is fast and highly efficient. The electrically programmable memory writes data and handles arbitrary Input/Output activities in a split second. The report states that flash storage devices offer 100 times faster storage speeds than traditional technologies.

Its Flash memory ranges between 256 and 512 gigabytes. The capacities vary with exact model selection in matters of colour. Both come with a 256GB hard disc; however, only one is space grey, and the other is silver.

The second assortment of colours provides more storage of 8GB RAM plus a CPU. A 16GB MacBook 12in M7 and extra RAM must operate appropriately. This device allows your spare time to handle other bulky computer work.

Engineering; MacBook 12IN M7 (ok 12in m7)

The MacBook features a 4 MB Level 3 reserve and an installed RAM refitted to an 8 GB 1866 LPDDR3 SDRAM. The improved RAM replaced the 8 GB 1600 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM, which went along with the MacBook 2016 M7 audit version. Book 12in m7 now has 64-Bit, which adds more to its effectiveness.

With a state drive of 256 GB or 4×64 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, the technological industry considers ook 12in m7 very strong. Not so many SSD from Apple surpasses it – pacing at two gigabytes per second (1 Gbps). Similarly, an incorporated SDXC card space interiorly available helps advance the reading of camera memory cards. Additionally, the card can read UHS-I (Ultra High Speed 1) and improve speeds up to 104 MB/s.

Added features on the system include;

  • Dual-channel 2.4 GHz 802.11 ac Wi-Fi framework
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Security chip
  • One HDMI port
  • One sound jack port
  • Single USB-C port
  • 720p FaceTime HD webcam for clear video calls at 30 FPS


While the k 12in m7 stands out as one of the best and most recommendable laptops, it equally comes with its downsides. The issue is with its 480p webcam. This measure is low for quality resolution. Added to this disadvantage is that the USB Type-C has 5Gbps, which should be Thunderbolt 3.

Other defaming features comprise a low number of ports, just one. The majority would instead prefer at least more.


In appearance and functionality, the k 12in m7 still dominates over several other models from the company. Despite a few drawbacks, the laptop brags quality functioning, battery, and memory storage, among other vital features. When looking at it in a bigger picture, the device supersedes the 2016 MacBook.

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